Company Profile

Bandhan Financial Holdings Limited (“the Company”) was incorporated as a Public Limited Company. It was incorporated to act as the Non-Operating Financial Holding Company (“NOFHC”) in compliance with the Reserve Bank of India (‘RBI’) Guidelines for Licensing of New Banks in the Private Sector dated February 22, 20213 (“guidelines”). As stipulated in the said guidelines, the entire investments of the Company is as equity shares of the Bandhan Bank. Currently, the Company is holding 40 per cent equity shares in the voting equity capital of the Bandhan Bank and an associate company of the Bandhan Bank. In terms of the RBI Circular dated February, 2014, the Company is a group company of the Bandhan Bank. The Company is a promoter of the Bandhan Bank. In compliance with the guidelines, only promoters can hold shares in the Company.


The Company is wholly owned by Bandhan Financial Services Limited (‘BFSL’) which is a NBFC CIC. In terms of the above guidelines, the Company is registered with RBI vide registration no. N-05.07018 and categorised as NBFC – NOFHC.


The Company being a NOFHC, doesn’t have any business other than holding investment in the Bank in terms of the Licensing Guidelines. In terms of the guidelines, any other financial business (except the banking business) of the group can be undertaken as a subsidiary under the Company.