Bandhan Financial Holdings Limited (“the Company”) was incorporated as a Public Limited Company. It was incorporated to act as the Non-Operating Financial Holding Company (“NOFHC”) in compliance with the Reserve Bank of India (‘RBI’) Guidelines for Licensing of New Banks in the Private Sector dated February 22, 20213 (“guidelines”). As stipulated in the said guidelines, the entire investments of the Company is as equity shares of the Bandhan Bank.

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Bandhan Financial Services Limited

Financial Inclusion Trust (‘FIT’), North East Financial InclusionTrust (‘NEFIT’) and Bandhan Financial Services Limited (‘BFSL’) arethe promoters of the Company.

FIT and NEFIT are registered public charitable trusts with the objective of serving to the general public in the field of education, health and other charitable purpose.

BFSL was incorporated on August 03, 1995 and registered with RBI as a NBFC-CIC-ND-SI. The registration number with RBI as NBFC CIC is B-05.05841. BFSL is also a group company of the Bandhan Bank and its promoter. Presently, the Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of BFSL.

Board of Directors

Mr. Karni Singh Arha

Managing Director

Mr. Karni S Arha is the Managing Director of BFHL. He is a seasoned financial services professional with over 22+ years of wide-ranging experience covering Finance, Operations and Distribution. He has significant experience in Financial Management, Corporate Strategy, Business Acquisitions and Investor Relations. Mr. Arha has also been part of several Global Joint-Ventures and has extensive experience of interfacing with Regulators and Statutory Authorities.